LyndonWRF Model


The LyndonWRF model runs twice daily: once for the 00Z forecast out to 60 hours, and once for the 12Z forecast out to 48 hours. LyndonWRF model output graphics are available as the forecast runs are completed.

Model Computational Domain Information

  • Grid Dimensions: 1600 km x 1600 km (35°–50°N, 66°–84°W)
  • Grid Spacing: 4km
  • Vertical Layers: 35 pressure levels
  • Initialization: NAM 12 km
  • Time Step: Adaptive

Model Physics Configuration

(Subject to change)

  • Cumulus scheme: Kain Fritsch (new Eta)
  • Microphysics scheme: Enhanced Thompson
  • Boundary layer scheme: Yonsei University (YSU)
  • Land-surface option: Unified Noah land-surface model
  • Surface layer physics: Revised MM5 Monin-Obukhov
  • Long and shortwave wave radiation schemes: RRTM