Welcome snowstorm lover! This web page contains information from major northeast 
U.S. snow storms since November 1977. Whether you're a weather enthusiast or a 
professional meteorologist, you should find this resource interesting and informative.

The purpose of our project is to educate and excite. We intend to accomplish this by 
openly sharing information on our web page.  If you're an operational forecaster you 
should find this page an excellent quick analog reference to help forecast the big one. 
If you're a weather enthusiast you might be interested in posting pictures, or reading 
and sharing your experiences during any of the storms. If you're a meteorology student 
you might be interested in learning more about how major snow storms develop, 
including the patterns and ingredients needed for most major snow storms. Knowledge 
is power; and we hope this page empowers you to better understand and appreciate 
major snow storms.

Our geographic focus is on interior snow storms, or storms that generally bring heavy 
snow inland over parts of north and western Massachusetts, northern and central New 
York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. We apologize to those of you interested 
in more coastal locations; however,about a third of our cases also have significant 
snowfall accumulations near the coast. An excellent reference for coastal storms is 
the authoritative book Northeast Snow Storms by Kocin and Uccellini (2004).

This page is a work in progress. In the future we will have a forum where you can post 
questions, thoughts, storm experiences, etc. We alsohope to add links to news 
articles, scientific publications, pictures,and other highlights of these storms. Enjoy.