AMS Annual Meeting

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A reminder that the AMS Annual Meeting is January 4-8 in Phoenix, Arizona and it is coming up fast. Also, a second conference is being held for undergraduate and graduate students at the same location as the AMS meeting, however it is January 3-4.

The conference is a great place to go and network with other people in our field but it is expensive, luckily there are some options available to you to help you pay for the trip. The AMS offers Student Travel Grants on a competitive basis. Please follow this link for more information and note that the deadline is October 3rd.

Finally, the department is offering a one credit course for attending the annual meeting this spring. The course will have a $1,000 lab fee associated with it that will cover most of the trip expenses. This is a good option that allows you to put the payment on your tuition bill so you do not have to pay for it now.

If you are interested in the course that is offered in the spring please contact Dr. Nolan Atkins.

ams meeting