Student Work Published in AMS Journals

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LSC ATM Students Publish in Peer-reviewed Journals

 Moore Tornado (2013) Damage Survey

As part of the LSC ATM severe weather research program under the auspices of Professor Nolan Atkins, four recent graduates have co-authored papers in American Meteorological Society (AMS) peer-reviewed journals.  The first paper is co-authored by Kelly Butler ’14 and Kayla Flynn ’14 titled: “An Integrated Damage, Visual, and Radar Analysis of the 2013 Moore Oklahoma EF5 Tornado” published in the October 2014 issues of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS).  This study documents a comprehensive damage survey of the devastating EF5 Moore 2013 tornado.  The paper describes the relationship between visual characteristics of the tornado and debris, the damage path, and dual-polarized radar signatures.  You can find an early online release of this paper at:


 The second paper is co-authored by Eva Glidden ’13 and Tim Nicholson ’13 and will be appearing in Monthly Weather Review.  The paper is titled: ­­“Observations of Wall Cloud Formation in Supercell Thunderstorms during VORTEX2”.  This observational study is one of the first to examine the formation of wall clouds often observed in supercell thunderstorms.  Wall cloud formation is often a pre cursor for tornadogenesis.  You can find the paper at: