Department Activity Day groupAt Lyndon our students are passionate. They are passionate about severe weather, while also wanting to find solutions to help mitigate the effects of climate change. The supportive family culture, the proud history of the Atmospheric Sciences Department, and the unique climate and landscape of northern Vermont make Lyndon special.

Atmospheric Science students, faculty, and staff

Student Engagement

At Lyndon our students are engaged, involved, and respected. They run the largest and most active student club on campus, the student chapter of the Lyndon AMS & NWA. The Lyndon AMS & NWA chapter hosts the largest student-run conference in the nation, the Northeastern Storm Conference. Our students are leaders on sports teams. They also serve as tutors, mentors, and in various leadership roles within student organizations. We work with our students to harness their passion, from launching weather balloons during extreme weather to providing a variety of real-world experiential learning opportunities.

Jim Cantore visits with students and faculty