CoCoRaHS Network

CoCoRaHS rain gauge
is one of the larger citizen science networks in the world. Each day, thousands of dedicated volunteers take precipitation observations. These observations are freely available for research, education and application. They help to verify and improve weather forecasts. In addition, they give a better understanding of region’s climate. Despite technological advances in weather models and instruments, nothing can compare to the accuracy of "ground truth" observations. A recent report published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society found that "as of mid-2015, CoCoRaHS volunteers have submitted over 31 million daily precipitation reports and tens of thousands of reports of hail, heavy rain, and snow, representing over 1.5 million volunteer hours."

CoCoRaHS Vermont Coordinator

Our own Dr. Jason Shafer currently serves as the Vermont Coordinator of CoCoRaHS, He helps to oversee a team of over 100 observers. On Vermont Vermont Public Radio's Vermont Edition program, Shafer says: "We're really after how much water is falling from the sky and trying to measure that. And that's really important for us to understand the weather and climate across Vermont." Vermont’s unique landscape produces significant effects on its weather and climate. As a result, rain and snowfall can be significantly different, even from the next town over. This is why having a dense network of observers is very helpful.

How do I join CoCoRaHS?

CoCoRaHS needs more volunteers. We are always interested in recruiting new, dedicated observers from all over the state! Simply click on the “Join CoCoRaHS” link at!

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