Climate Change Communication

The vast majority of climate scientists agree that our planet is warming and that human activities are the primary cause. In spite of this consensus, several studies have shown that the general public does not understand the science of climate change, nor do they understand that there is general agreement among experts.

Who we are

The Climate Change Communication (CCC) group was created by Lyndon State College students and faculty with the goal of educating the local community about the scientific consensus on climate change.  Students involved with the CCC group are learning about the science of climate change and how to effectively communicate the science to the general public.

What we do

The CCC group meets regularly during the school year to discuss our changing climate and its impacts, and to learn about ways to effectively communicate these ideas to non-scientists.  Since fall 2014, we have visited several local schools including Lyndon Institute, Newark Street School, Burke Town School, and Danville High School.  In addition, group members have engaged in a variety of activities including a climate change rally and a visit to a GreenFaith congregation in recognition of Earth Day.  The group has a CCC Facebook group for sharing new science stories and for the exchange of communication strategies.  See our visit to Concord School which was covered by the LSC News7 team.

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Why LSC students join


“This is really important to me because I want to try and combat climate change in as many ways as I can…”   – Arianna Varuolo-Clarke, Class of 2016 (founding student member)

“I wanted to educate the public on climate change in hopes that we may see a change in our agricultural system, fossil fuel consumption, and other areas that have a high impact on climate change.”   – Kayla St. Germain, Class of 2015 (founding student member)

“…it is a huge problem that not enough people care about… You have to find a careful balance that makes them care without scaring them and I wanted to be a part of this challenge and this process.”
– Jacqueline Laviolette, Class of 2015

“I love interacting with younger students because of their eagerness to learn, so being able to share my knowledge of climate change with them gives me a lot of joy.”   – Lauriana Gaudet, Class of 2016

“The whole reason I am going to school is to learn how to keep the planet a better place for people after me, by using science. Climate change communication is a huge part of this.”   – Melissa Segall, Class of 2016

I joined CCC to learn more about climate change and how to communicate it to the general public. I also wanted to get to know others who had similar interests to me.”  – Allison LaFleur, Class of 2016

“The group has helped me learn more about climate change and I’ve been able to use a lot of the information learned form the group when talking to friends and family about climate change.”  – Jeremy Sousa, Class of 2017

Interested in joining?

Are you a Lyndon student who is interested in learning more about anthropogenic (human caused) climate change while also learning how to effectively communicate the science? Are you looking to make a difference while also boosting your resume?  If so, consider joining other LSC students in organizing and holding climate change events for local  schools and organizations.  Presentations are typically led by two student presenters and are about one hour in length.  The selection of presenters will be based on experience and level of participation.

The CCC group meets regularly (every 4 weeks) during the academic school year.  Participants are not required to present, so students are welcome even if only interested in learning more about climate change.  All students (including non-ATM majors) are encouraged to join.  Food is provided at all information sessions and transportation is provided to and from assemblies.  The number of CCC group members will be capped at 15 students each semester.

If interested in joining, please contact Dr. Hanrahan.

Interested in scheduling a visit?

640_20150419_2240_CoffeeHr_ProfHanrahan_Slide-wlWe are currently scheduling CCC visits for the 2016 -17 academic year (approximately 4 per semester).  Each presentation is about 1 hour long and includes a multimedia presentation about the basic science of climate change followed by open discussion.  Content is most appropriate for grades 8 and up but can be modified for younger audiences.  If you are interested in having LSC students visit your school or organization, contact Dr. Janel Hanrahan* and please provide the following information:

  • Date(s) and time(s) of requested visit**
  • Name and location of your organization
  • Expected number of audience members
  • Grade or approximate age of audience members
  • Brief statement of interest (2-3 sentences about why you are interested in having our students visit)

Scheduling will be based on the agreement between requested assembly times and students’ availabilities, distance from LSC, and date of request.  We are flexible regarding setup, but typically require the use of a projector with audio.



*Dr. Hanrahan is also a registered speaker for Climate Voices.

**Please note that our students are very busy, so the more flexible you can be, the easier it will be to meet your request.

For more information about the Climate Change Career Track in the Atmospheric Sciences program at LSC, see Studying Climate Change and visit the Atmospheric Sciences Department website.