Internships & Experiential Learning Opportunities

Our students gain valuable real-world experience through a variety of internship and hands-on learning opportunities. Our large and committed alumni network provides numerous mentoring opportunities, whether it’s at a major-market TV station, a private sector company, or the National Weather Service.

Within the department, we also offer many opportunities, from competitive research positions to work study support for various departmental projects. Further, the recent creation of the Vermont Institute of Applied Meteorology allows us to hire students for client projects to solve real-world research and forecast problems.

Examples of Past & Current Opportunities

Experiential Learning

Vermont Institute of Applied MeteorologyForecasting winter road weather conditions for the State of Vermont. Junior and senior Atmospheric Science students provide detailed weather forecast information to the seven road districts in Vermont in support of their winter weather plowing operations.
VELCOAssist with research into the effects of weather and climate on Vermont's electric power grid and renewable energy.
Research and fieldwork on severe storms and tornadoesEvery spring, funded students travel to the Plains states to storm chase and collect data on severe storms. Students engage in research by analyzing data collected on severe storms. Results of their work are presented at national meetings.
Deploying the Doppler on Wheels (DOW) radar in winter stormsStudents are given the opportunity to deploy a state of the art Doppler on Wheels (DOW) mobile weather radar in Vermont winter storms. Students are tasked with deploying and operating the radar. Students analyze the data and present results in class.
Running a weather forecast model (LSC WRF Model)Students are taught how to set up and run a state-of-the-art weather forecast model. They examine the model output to better understand how forecasts can be improved.
Launching weather balloons and using instrumentation to collect and analyze weatherStudents on our “sounding go team” routinely launch weather balloons to collect and analyze data during interesting weather situations.
Using our computer lab to examine and analyze current and future weatherOur computer lab receives gigabytes of weather data every day. Students are tasked with displaying, analyzing, and interpreting weather data to learn more about the atmosphere and atmospheric phenomena.
Field trips to nearby weather-related institutionsStudents have participated in field trips to nearby institutions that have some connection to weather and climate. Examples include the Mount Washington Observatory and the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRRL).

Past Internships

  • Forecasting ocean weather conditions in remote locations
  • Producing graphics for major-market TV weather broadcasts
  • Observing weather on Mount Washington
  • Research at the National Severe Storms Laboratory
  • Researching the influence of Space Weather on our Environment
  • Research and forecasting at a Financial Services Firm
  • Research at NASA and Howard University on land surface characteristics
  • Forecasting at National Weather Service offices

Comments from Past Students About Experiential Opportunities

  • These experiences were both incredibly positive. Both of these internships allowed me to apply the skills I obtained in my courses at Lyndon State College to real life situations in the news room
  • I gained real world experience and time management skills
  • VIAM taught me how to forecast accurately and communicate my forecast effectively to clients.
  • …they gave me real word experience that I can now use on my resume
  • Gained experience and connections with other professionals in the field