About Us

The Lyndon Department of Atmospheric Sciences was established in 1974. Since then, the Department has developed a national reputation for graduating students with a solid foundation in the theory, application, and communication of weather. We believe that students more effectively learn the theory of weather with complementary hands-on experiences.

The Department recently created an updated curriculum that reflects additional skills needed for the diverse careers available in our field. Courses are taught by knowledgeable faculty who focus on undergraduate education. We teach and conduct research in a state-of-the art facility. It was completed in 2009 and was designed specifically designed for Atmospheric Sciences.

Mission Statement

The Lyndon State College Department of Atmospheric Sciences provides students who are passionate about weather, a high-quality educational experience. We do so by offering a modern curriculum that integrates theory and hands-on learning in a supportive environment. We value challenging and helping students as they focus their education among a broad range of career interests.